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Homemade apple marshmallow sticks

4-5 green apples (for 250 g apple sauce)
250 g sugar
1 egg white

For syrup:
160 g sugar
60 g water
1,5 teaspoon agar-agar

1. Cut the apples into quarters and bake them in the oven, until they become soft.

2. Place the apples in a sieve, wipe them through a sieve with a tablespoon. Weigh the apple sauce. You will need exactly 250 grams.

3. Mix the apple saucewith the sugar until the sugar is completely dissolved.

4. Combine agar-agar and water. Leave for about 15 minutes.

5. Add white egg to the apple sauce and beat mixer to obtain a lush mass.

6. Add sugar to the pot with agar-agar and water. Put it on the stove and heat up to 107 degrees Celsius.

7. Slightly cool syrup and pour a thin trickle into Apple mixture. Mix in a mixer at low speed. Pour the mixture into a form that is covered by the food plastic.

8. Leave for 6-12 hour. Remove from the form, remove the plastic, cut into sticks and sprinkle powdered sugar each side.

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